SIZE: 7,500 (renovation)
LOCATION: Morristown, TN
CLIENT: Strate Insurance Group

Lewis Group Architects designed a new 7,500 sq. ft. office suite for the Strate Insurance Group in Morristown, TN. The project was an adaptive reuse of an existing, 1-story, mixed-use Retail/Business complex. Some of the major design elements integrated in the project involved addressing both exterior facade improvements, as well as, designing an efficient and user friendly interior space. The new vertical element incorporates a unique blend of material, color, lighting and graphics to convey the 3 main service sectors of the Agency’s practice, Insurance, Risk Management and Employee Benefits. The interior design portion of the project resolved spatial relationship issues the Group experienced in their prior location. Internal access to like business functions, a more efficient use of common workspace and the need to have adequate individual work area led LGA to develop an interior floor plan that placed an emphasis on the balance of open-office work areas with more private, client-oriented, work rooms.