SIZE: 203,000 sq. ft.
LOCATION: Knoxville, TN
CLIENT: St. Mary's Health Partners

LGA and consultant, Gresham, Smith & Partners, developed a two-phase master plan for the 50-acre site at Emory Road. Phase One, an Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) and Phase Two, a three-story Medical Office Building (MOB), began construction in the fall of 2003. The ACC houses a state-of-the-art Cancer Center, a Women’s Center, and Imaging Department. Services will include CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, and a linear accelerator, as well as mammography and oncology. The facilities, visible from the highway, are designed to be distinctive in the surrounding suburban context, while avoiding an appearance of institutional monumentality. Its warm materials and colors are light red and light brown brick tones in combination with precast concrete decorative elements. The tall vaulted entrance to the Phase One facilities serves both the MOB and the ACC. The transparent curtain walls provide generous light and spaciousness to the lobby.

The three-story 79,000 sq. ft. medical office building is intended to provide additional physician’s office space for the St. Mary’s North Emory Road Campus. It is a companion building to St. Mary’s Medical Office Building (Phase II), which was constructed in the second phase of the project. The building is located between the hospital and ambulatory care center. The orientation of the building will enclose the fourth side of a large exterior space, which will be developed into a landscaped Healing Garden. The building is connected to the hospital by an enclosed elevated walkway. It is also connected to the existing entry lobby and will provide a direct connective link between the hospital and ambulatory care center with ease of access to extensive diagnostic and treatment facilities