SIZE: 137,000 SF
LOCATION: Bradley County, TN
CLIENT: Bradley County Schools

The existing Lake Forest Middle school campus is composed of 15 separate teaching and administration pods, requiring students and faculty to walk outside in the elements to change classes. Keeping the existing auditorium, gymnasium, and cafeteria buildings, the new middle school facility bridges the gap between them creating a unified and secure campus structure where all program components or elements can be accessed from the inside. The traditional design provides a clear entrance to the school into a grand, atrium space where students and visitors can gather for events. The floor plan wraps in a ‘C’ shape around an outdoor courtyard allowing ample daylight into all classroom spaces. A double height media center, STEM laboratory and art classroom overlook the courtyard as well allowing classes to be held outside on nice days. The academic wings are separated from core program elements that will be used for evening activities with the community keeping them secure. Lake Forest Middle School is known for its performing arts program and this shines through the design of the new facility. The school provides new choral, drama, and band classrooms as well as practice spaces along the main corridor adjacent to the existing auditorium. The renovation will also enlarge the stage and provide dressing rooms for their students allowing for more flexibility in productions. Existing campus buildings will receive a new brick veneer so the final campus will look cohesive. The new facility will serve 1,400 students in grades 6-8 in the Bradley County community.