SIZE: 10,800 (renovation) / 6,700 (addition)
LOCATION: Knoxville, TN
CLIENT: University of Tennessee

In an effort to house more student members and to provide a new image for the fraternity, UT Knoxville’sAGR Alpha Kappa Chapter hired LGA and its design team to provide architectural and engineering services for additions and renovations to their Chapter House. An estimated 62% of the existing 10,800SF Chapter House will be renovated and a 6,700SF addition will be constructed. The additions and renovations consist of 10 new bedrooms, new bathroom and shower facilities, an expansion and improvement of the Chapter Room, Living Room, and Dining Room; an expansion of the lower level common hall area; and a new front façade and entry area. Renovations will include a new elevator and handicapped accessibility upgrades as well as any required building systems upgrades.