Project Date Client Type
Bank of Tennessee 2018 Bank of Tennessee Commercial
Brookview Town Centre 2009 Blue Ridge Development Commercial
Regions Regional Headquarters 2008 Bearden Hill Office Partners Commercial
Rodefer Moss Corporate Office 2005 Rodefer Moss Commercial
Tennessee Career Center 2002 Knoxville Community Development Coropration / Realty Trust Group Commercial
Hertel Cutting Technologies 1989 Hertel Cutting Technologies Commercial
Omega Plastics Corporation 1994 Omega Plastics Corporation Commercial
Westbridge Industrial Park 2001 Westbridge Industrial Park Commercial
Radio Systems Corporation 1998 Radio Systems Corporation Commercial
Halstead Industrial Expansion 1997 Halstead Commercial
Springcrees Business Park 2001 Blue Ridge Development Commercial
Techmer P.M. 2001-2005 Techmer P.M. Commercial
Highland Business Park 2002 Blue Ridge Development Commercial
Carton Services, Inc. 1996-2001 Carton Services, Inc. Commercial
Mercedes Place Shopping Center 1998 Commercial
Kingston Pike Shopping Center 2001 Holrob Commercial
Earthfare Grocery - Turkey Creek 2003 Holrob Commercial
Bagwell Communications 1984 Bagwell Communications Commercial
Hamblen County Bank 2005 Hamblen County Bank Commercial
Alter Communications, Electronic Training Facility 1986 McGhee Tyson Airport Commercial