LGA’s own Christina Pint Honored at the “Bernhard Hoesli: Collages”

LGA architect, Christina Betanzos Pint, visited University of Texas at Arlington on February 24 for a reception celebrating the recent opening of the exhibition titled “Bernhard Hoesli: Collages” that she originally curated in 2001.  Thanks to a renewed interest in the Hoesli’s work, the exhibition is traveling again.  Bernhard Hoesli was a Swiss architect who taught in the United States in the 50’s and 60’s and later practiced and taught in his hometown of Zurich, Switzerland until his death in 1984.  Along with Colin Rowe, John Hedjuk, Werner Seligmann, John Shaw, and, Robert Slutzky among others, Hoesli came to be known as one of the “Texas Rangers” – the group of young professors who began their teaching careers at the University of Texas at Austin and whose collaborations identified and defined key concepts of Modernist architecture and urbanism and revolutionized the way architecture, specifically Modern architecture, is taught in the United States and abroad.  Hoesli’s collages, directly influenced by the trajectories in art made possible by Cubism, demonstrate the concept of phenomenal transparency developed by Rowe, Slutzky, and Hoesli, and first described in the now classic essay, “Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal”.  The collages are also closely linked to the Hoesli’s concept of the “dialogical city” and Rowe’s concept of “collage city”.  The exhibition is open until March 10 in Arlington, TX (Click here to see exhibition announcement.) and will then travel to Cooper Union in New York where it will be shown until April 30.  To learn more or to obtain a copy of the exhibition catalog write to

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