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Bringing Partnership Home

It has long been the goal for Lewis Group Architects to engage in work that brings value to the communities we work, live, and play in. Jefferson County is one such community whom we hold very dear to our hearts.

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Render Them Speechless

As architectural designers, LGA approaches any project with an entire tool chest of services. From site selection and budget development, to schematic design, construction administration, marketing promotion, and beyond.

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A History in Industry

Lewis Group Architects has a long-standing relationship in the design of industrial facilities across our region and we find ourselves a thread in the even greater fabric that is Tennessee's enduring manufacturing history.

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Real World Skills, Hands On Spaces

History has shown throughout the generations that one of the most impactful ways to learn is through hands on experiences.

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Not Just Food For Thought

The word 'Restaurant' derives from the French verb restaurer, meaning "to restore." True to their name, restaurants have long offered restoration for the soul. Whether quelling hunger or communing with loved ones, the restorative tradition of dining out has always brought warmth to those who enter in.

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A Passion That Truly Hits Home

Home /hōm/ (noun): The space where we find rest, comfort, communion, enjoyment, care, and nourishment.

Home is where connections are formed and sustained. Be it a single-family residence, multi-family housing, or a senior living community... home is our touch-point, where life begins, and where love sustains. The effect the thoughtful design of the places we call home has is powerful and immeasurable and a gift we as architectural designers take very much to heart.

To Those Who Have Given Much: An Armed Forces Day Homage

In honor of last Saturday's Armed Forces Day, Lewis Group Architects wishes to extend our sincerest gratitude to our nation's veterans for their willingness to stand and protect the place we call home.

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Healthcare Heroes of the LGA Family

Celebrating the healthcare heroes we love and every healthcare worker everywhere.

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We’re Ready When You Are

Projects take time. While you wait to re-open, let LGA help you get started.

From site planning or making the choice to expand or diversify, to budget development, design, and construction, all the way to your ribbon cutting, we can help you on the path forward.

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Assessing the Impacts of Changing World

LGA partners with school systems throughout Tennessee to determine and understand where their systems face challenges. With information we gather from school systems and other reliable sources, we are able to review the data and, through comparisons and analysis, define and prioritize the problem areas. Our staff of professionals use their knowledge and talents to work through the problems, provide a variety of solutions to address those challenges, and present the information necessary to prioritize action items through planning.

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